Thursday, September 8, 2011

Top 10 Qualities Every Excellent Security Guard Should Have

Security services are some of the most important elements of a successful business operation. Security personnel are hired to help keep people and the premises safe and maintain peace and order. They are also often hired to serve as personal escorts and safety officers. Before hiring someone with whom you will entrust the safety and security of your property or those of your loved ones, look carefully at their qualifications. Here are the top 10 qualities of an excellent security guard:


The best security guards are those who have undergone the necessary training that will help them obtain important skills and knowledge that will be critical to how well they can perform their job. They should also hold the required certification and license necessary for them to do their job.

An experienced security guard has the background and knowledge that he or she can apply on the job. This means that he or she can hit the ground running, so to speak. Trained and experienced security guards know what to do and why.


One of the best and most important qualities of an excellent security guard is honesty. Someone who is reliable can be trusted, which means that letting them take charge eliminates any worries regarding security breaches, inside jobs or confidential information.

Although security guards must follow certain rules and policies, they should have enough common sense to know exactly how and when to work around an issue, especially if it presents a potential risk to their client.

Ability to lead and to follow

Another important quality of an excellent security guard is his or her leadership ability. Many times, the security personnel are expected to work with a team, which means they have to know when to take charge. Where the safety of the client is at risk, the security personnel must know how and when to impose the necessary practices for the common good.

A security guard must also know how to abide by the rules, particularly those set up by their client. There are instances, however, when these rules need to be modified in order to ensure that the client is kept safe or that legal requirements are met.

Communication skills

An excellent security guard must be able to communicate well, not just with the client but with other people the client works or is involved with on a day-to-day basis.

Physical fitness

The best security guards are those that are healthy, nimble and physically reliable, able to defend himself/herself and the client if and when necessary.

Value for human life
An excellent security guard puts value on human life above all. In this type of job, strong concern for others is critical, allowing the guard to work at his or her best.

Ability to think on his/her feet 
An excellent security guard must be quick-thinking and able to come up with good solutions within a short time frame. This quality is especially important during emergency situations.

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